Its November 4th, You Know What That Means!

Flags around small town courthouse on Memorial Day

All over our great nation today people are enjoying one of the greatest aspects of our freedom, our ability to freely elect representation. For over two centuries the United States of America has been a beacon for the rest of the world standing for freedom. Sadly today, many people choose not to participate in any of the civic duties that we all share as citizens of the United States and this includes voting for our elected officials.

Since our nation’s first War for Independence (1775–1783) countless men and women have given their lives in the service of their country, our country… your country. Our freedom as a nation is paid for by the blood of those who made the ultimate sacrifice, laying down their lives for something greater than themselves. Judging from the election trends there is still about 40% – 45% of the population that does not participate in the electoral process. Our democratic process is best served by robust voter participation. Get out and vote today!

It goes without saying that today there are a great number of issues that voters must consider when casting their ballot. It is not the intention of Forward March Inc. to tell anyone how to vote or who to vote for.

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