Weekend With Fred Astaire Dance Studios

This weekend Forward March Inc. was proud to be part of the Annual Fred Astarie Dance Studio Conference. Our team had the opportunity to conduct some powerful training during the conference.


Paul Volpe, President of FMI, delivered powerful and motivating training at the Fred Astaire Dance Studios annual conference. Did you miss out? Call us today and we can arrange to get this training, and much more, into your organization.

FMI works with an array of business of all sizes to do a wide variety of training.
Our training has helped businesses with:

  • Recruiting and Hiring
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business Operations
  • Motivation and Teamwork Collaboration


Our director of Strategic Outreach Richard Abarams mans the FMI FOB at the event. IMG_0372

The rich tradition of “coining” continues.

The official FMI coin!


FMI training included a “Shark Tank” style training session that gave Fred Astaire Studio personnel at every level the chance to learn how they can market their studio and get their brand and studios out in front of even more customers.IMG_0392

We guarantee that FMI training is NEVER boring. Chances are you have never experienced training services with a military flair, and certainly not the way we do them. Our customers are always very pleased with the training we deliver and adopt it into their organizations.

Contact FMI today to see what kind of training we can do for your organization!


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