Brotherhood of Warriors – Forward March Inc.’s Choice for Tactical Gear and Tumblers

These guys have product that is beyond comparison. Their attention to detail, the quality of equipment, and their attention to detail set them apart from other companies. They are well priced and customize to fit the needs of their customer. Check them out by clicking on the picture below. When you order, use the code FMI and receive 10% off!


Forward March Inc. Partners with Indigo Sky Casino and D-Day Adventure Park for a 2 Day Elite Leader

elite leader back Do you want to be an Elite Leader? Are you looking to grow and cultivate your leaders and future leaders with proven leadership training? Gone are the days of “death by Power Point”, and “Trust Fall” leadership training and team building. Forward March Inc. presents: ELITE LEADER (Emerge-Evolve-Excel)

November 2nd and 3rd, Forward March Inc. is conducting a 2-day static Elite Leader Event for the first 50 people that sign up, who have made that decision to themselves they want to become a better leader. That they want their future leaders, and current leaders to become better versions of themselves in a fun, fast paced and exciting environment.

Take yourself and your leaders to that next level by clicking on the link below or call 888-723-6223 ext 225 to receive more information or sign up now!

Send 5 or more to the Elite Leader Event and save $100 on each leader you send. Sign up today, seats are going fast!


You are surrounded in an environment where people want to see you succeed, an environment that allows you to recognize your fears and then run right through them. The FMI experience was about as far as you can get from my personal comfort zone. I was forced to expand my mind and adapt to my surroundings. Now there’s no forcing to be done; I’m ready, willing and able dive into the next training exercise. I came away with a renewed sense of confidence, an awakening of my passion for excellence and a deepened appreciation of teamwork. I learned the true meaning of “got your six” and am proud to be a member of my Elite Leader Team. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to shake things up a bit in their organization. You won’t be disappointed.

-Laurie Chaput, HR Manager, Alorica

DSC_0016 (2)

If you want a training session that will motivate your teams or leaders, build their confidence, not only in themselves but their peers and seniors, and bring out the absolute best in them, then Forward March Inc. is right for you. Thanks guys at FMI, we hope to see you guys again.

-Christopher M Hooks, South Regional Manager VGT, an Aristocrat Company




Strong Leaders = Strong Businesses

Leaders create the standard, enforce and execute the standard - Lead by example.

Leadership Development

Leader development refers to enhancing leadership effectiveness, both at the individual and organization as a whole. Leadership development activities range from MBA style programs offered at university business schools to action learning, high-ropes courses and executive retreats.

Traditionally, leadership development has focused on developing the leadership abilities and attitudes of individuals. Just as people are not all born with the ability or desire to play sports, not all people are natural born leaders. Different personal traits and characteristics can help or hinder a person’s leadership effectiveness and require formalized programs for developing leadership competencies. Everyone can develop his or her leadership effectiveness which takes focus, practice and persistence more akin to learning a musical instrument than reading a book.

Classroom-style training and associated reading is effective in helping leaders to know more about what is involved in leading well. However, knowing what to do and doing what you know are two very different outcomes. It is estimated that as little as 15% of learning from traditional classroom style training results in sustained behavioral change within the workplace.

Training For Results

Changing the behavior for maximum performance. We work collaboratively with your management team to increase your bottom line by increasing productivity while building an environment, beginning with a mindset which flows to an organizational mindset to set a new standard of excellence. Our team has extensive experience in training and development, workflow analysis, change management, leadership, and performance management. We’re ready to assist your organization in assessing goals and aligning behaviors to meet those goals.

We offer varied types of training courses tailored around your needs, ranging from one-on-one professional coaching to on-site group training, some that bring a “boot-camp” level of training style with a fun flair. Please refer to our program page to find out the best program for you.


Developing a mission-focused mindset at all levels beginning with Leadership of team and the members of the team, aligning its energy to work together. Transformation of a team involves re-energized sense of purpose, identify, and performance of team members through a variety of proven mechanisms. These include aligning a team member’s identity (self) to the mission and the collective identity of the organization. Leaders serve as role models and catalysts for change, challenging members to take greater ownership for their work, and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the team to better align efforts, tasks, and enhance operational performance.


Out performing your competitor while increasing the bottom line profit! Your team will out perform by its more effective leadership and teams who execute with precision, understanding their role and that of the team. We will change your organization’s mindset to work smarter and by leveraging the strengths (both seen and yet to be seen) of their team. An organization often has the skills, talents, and competencies it needs to push a higher lever of performance, and doesn’t have to look outside its walls to get what it already has within them.


Learn how to execute the mission effectively while building team cohesiveness and assigning tasks with clarity of role and expectation, including overcoming unexpected obstacles. Making the decision to execute and the act of execution itself is where most companies lose its competitive edge (and sliding profit margin). Turn your business intentions into action — the right action! This business essential concept is the way that increases your bottom line — it‘s completing the mission!


Starts from the top of the organization! The mindset to change and develop your team will be the driving force to complete the mission. How do you get your team rallied around your mission and have the right attitude to embrace your new motivation and renewed commitment? Create the higher standard of excellence while changing the lives of your team and those they come into contact with, most often their colleagues and customers/clients.


Core values are the guiding principles of your organization and its leaders which become a visible part of how you operate and are interwoven throughout every interaction and every member of your team. Teams with operating values and those that do not will both have visible signs of this within their organization.

We want to help find out the values of your organization to help facilitate incorporating these into your team’s foundation — your culture. Too often, companies do not spend enough time setting their values in motion, which become the influencing “force” behind all of its dealings and relationships. Values (or lack thereof) may be the root cause behind employees and organizations not reaching their full potential.

We grow leaders, organizations and bottom line like no other!

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Want to Support Veterans? Hire Them!

You would be hard pressed to find a company or business that does not claim to support veterans or our military troops. These claims all sound great but without a plan they end up being mostly just kind sentiments. support our troops hire them

Did you know that todays transitioning military men and women are of the highest caliber in US history with regards to training, leadership development, and varied skill sets? Forward March Inc. has been helping organizations attract, hire, and retain the perfect veterans for their employment needs. Today’s veterans bring a wealth of experience, talent, and energy to your company.


Syracuse University Institute for Veterans and Military Families recently published “The Business Case for Hiring a Veteran – Beyond the Clichés” which gives a lot of insight into the benefits that employers enjoy when they hire military talent. Benefits such as training and transferrable skills, technical training, comfort in discontinuous environments, trust, resiliency, team building skills, commitment, cross cultural experience, and experience with diverse work-settings are just a few of the things veterans bring to an employer today.

Forward March Inc brings a wealth of experience to bear in helping organizations find, attract, and retain top military talent.

Forward March Inc specializes in providing:
• Military Pipeline Development 
• Custom Designed Military Hiring Strategy 
• Veteran and Family Transitions
• Internal/External Military Talent Training and Management

Forward March Inc has had proven success finding the right military talent, at the right time, for the right job. Employers hiring veterans through Forward March Inc have the peace of mind in knowing that we can address all of their hiring needs.


Forward March Inc can train your staff to attract, hire, and retain top military talent. We have a comprehensive Military Talent Hiring Guide and outstanding training that can get your department staffing up positions very quickly. We can also help you to develop a pipeline and hiring strategy for success as well as train your HR organization on all the best ways to recruit military talent. Our training includes how to find and hire military talent from both the transitioning military and veteran military populations.

Forward March Inc. customers like Tesoro are building strong veteran cultures within their companies.

Forward March Inc. customers like Tesoro are building strong veteran cultures within their companies.

Our services do not end there. We can also help your organization to develop a very strong veteran culture with both new and existing veteran employees. Companies with strong veteran cultures enjoy many benefits to include greater productivity and professionalism as well as higher referral rates.

Check out our powerful Military Hiring 101 Workshops as well as our Camouflage to Corporate Conferences to jumpstart your organization’s military talent pipeline strategy and success!

Contact Forward March Inc today to get your Military Talent Pipeline up and running, optimized, or created.

You Need A Dynamic Speaker!


You are planning a major event and you want a dynamic speaker to make the event head-and-shoulders above any other events like it. So, where do you go? You can turn to a trusted source with Forward March Inc. We can provide dynamic speakers with military backgrounds that can speak on a wide variety of topics.

  • Leadership subject matter
  • Business process improvement
  • Military subject matter
  • Military transition and transition subject matter
  • Veteran issues and subject matter
  • Military hiring
  • Trends in the military
  • Veteran workforce subject matter
  • Motivational speaking
  • Boot camp style motivational speaking

These are just a handful of the topics that Forward March Inc. can supply speakers to cover. If you have a topic in mind and you are not sure if we can cover it, give us a call.

paul volpe

We have over 20 years of experience in public speaking and we would be thrilled to help you make your next event an OUTSTANDING one!

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We Can Train You How To Hire Veterans!


Professionals today, across virtually every industry, will attest to the power of quality training. Quality training that keeps professionals up to date in their skill areas helps companies and organizations achieve their mission but it also has the power to help professionals to reach their career-track goals and expectations. Within the world of recruiting and human resources professionals today have a lot to juggle. Finding high quality talent is one of those things that recruiting specialists put at the top of their list. Finding, attracting, hiring and retaining top talent can make a recruiting specialist a “hero” in their organization.

Today’s veterans represent the highest caliber workforce our nation has ever produced. If you are looking to build a strong veteran workforce in your company or organization Forward March, Inc. stands ready to assist. The Forward March Inc. team can bring high quality training to help recruiters learn how to find, attract, hire and retain high quality military talent through our Military Hiring 101 Workshop. This training is very powerful and the Forward March Training Team stands ready to deliver this training to you. We can do custom training for your organization on your location and within your time frame. Check out our website to learn more.

Your Company Needs High Quality Talent For Mission Success

macbook-air-all-faded-and-stuffIf you are looking for high quality talent for your company or organization then give Forward March Inc. a call today. We help companies and organizations every day find, attract, hire and retain high quality military talent. What you may not know however is thatwe also have veterans ready to go to work for you immediately. Forward March Inc. receives input and then pre-screens veterans daily who are looking for a veteran friendly company to start a career with. No matter your skill or education requirements for your position we can help you.

We specialize in finding high quality military talent in almost any area you could possibly want. Here are just a few areas we recruit for:

  • Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Construction
  • Driving (CDL)
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical (including clinical)
  • Sales
  • Recruiting
  • State and Government Contract Positions
  • Unskilled Labor

Many companies and organizations are unfamiliar with how to find, attract, hire and retain high quality military talent. Many do not realize that military talent represents a gold mine of highly trained skilled people who can make a huge difference with regards to mission success. Our clients frequently tell us “I don’t want just anybody for this position, I need…”. Those needs range from skills and experience to abilities to communicate and perform in a variety of environment with a variety of stressors. Military veterans are very often the best choice for their needs. Forward March Inc. has scalable solutions that can help organizations hire anywhere from one to a thousand or more employees.

Forward March Inc. is a company of veterans committed to veterans. While we have a wide variety of services we can offer our customers we never NEVER charge a veteran. 

Military Hiring Guide Book Standingsm

Recently we launched our Military Hiring Guide which is an excellent resource for anyone to use who is looking to learn how to hire military talent. This resource we combine with our training programs that can be done on location and in a very short period of time. With training from Forward March Inc. you will be ready to find, attract, hire and retain high quality military talent in no time at all.

To learn more visit our website and contact us today!