Forward March Inc. and the Joplin Outlaws Team Up

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About two months ago, the Joplin Outlaws reached out to FMI’s Joplin Director, Jimmy Burgess to put together and run Military Appreciation Night at Joe Becker Stadium. He happily accepted and took the reigns, leading the Outlaws to have their best showing this season and raising money for the Heartland Canines for Veterans. Heartland is a non-profit organization that helps place service dogs with Veterans who need them.

With an incredible show of support and love from the Joplin Community, fans poured into the seats to enjoy a fun filled night full of good baseball, service dogs, Veterans and good food. turkey legsRed’s House BBQ and Cheezies Pizza were in attendance feeding the masses and both contributed to Heartland.

The atmosphere was amazing as the Joplin Outlaws took on the Joplin All-Stars in a non-league game. The game started with a memorable first pitch made by service dog, Athena. She was sent in to pitch after the decision was made by Outlaw coach, Danny Weaver, when he noticed the Master Trainer, Tim Franks of On Command Canine Training needed the help of his service dog to complete the task.

Between the 2nd and 3rd innings fans got to see the product of hard work and dedication of both service dog and Veteran. Two dogs, Lucas and Rapha, after completing over 260 hours of training were partnered with their Veterans, Katie and Brad. They also had to complete over 40 hours of training before becoming Team Leaders over their HK9s.

Currently it costs in the ballpark of $7000 to properly train a service dog. If you would like to help, you can go to Heartland Canines for Veteran’s web page:

Check out the First pitch here:

Check out the Graduation Ceremony here:

A special thanks to all those that made July 1st possible, including all of the vendors, contributors, the Joplin Outlaws, The Joplin Chamber of Commerce, fans and friends, thank you from Forward March Inc. and the Heartland Canines for Veterans.thank you heartland

Dancing With Our Heroes – San Antonio

Dancing With Our Heroes is a unique event that pairs Military Heroes (wounded warriors and veterans) with local Fred Astaire dance professionals to compete at a fund-raising Dancing Gala for the Fisher House Foundation and Grace After Fire on Friday, July 21st, 2017.
DWOH Flyer - SA 2017 - Updated
Help us make San Antonio DWOH the best event yet.
Thanks for your time and support.
Team Fred Astaire and Forward March Inc


Make Military Transition a Financial Success!

troops and sealsIf you are transitioning out of the military and into civilian life, or if you are going to be doing so in the near future, you should start to take proactive steps to get your financial plan made. Many transitioning military personnel echo the same sentiments that are found in the general civilian population when it comes to personal financial management. Many find it a daunting task, confusing or worse they feel that it is something that they can do later.

The fact is that no matter how much income you make you cannot manage it if you do not monitor it. The sooner that someone sits down and analyzes their financial situation and takes concrete steps to design a budget and make solid financial plans the better. This applies to the single transitioner as much as the military family who has mom and/or dad transitioning to the civilian world.

Nerdwallet posted a nice little article that can help you get your financial planning started. You can read it here…

If you want to get some help and really do your financial planning right there are a variety of online tools and courses you can take. Right now Goodwill is promoting a “Tools for Financial Success” class that is FREE. Check out the information below to learn more.

Tools for Financial Success

WHEN – Thursday, January 22, 2015 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

WHERE – Veterans Assistance Center Loop 1604 and Bulverde Road

WHY – Learn how to avoid financial pitfalls during your transition.

  •   What’s next for your finances after military separation or retirement?
  •   Are you still on the fence about what to do with your TSP?
  •   Do you need Life Insurance? What type and do you know where to get it?
  •   What can you do to get your budget back on track?
  •   What does your rainy day fund look like?
  •   Can your current credit report get you a loan? How can you find out?
  •   How often should you monitor your credit score?
  •   What are the differences between a Traditional IRA and a Roth IRA, and

    what are the tax implications of each?

    RSVP required. Seating is limited to first 35 enrollments.

  • Call today! 210-924-8581 x5907

Forward March Operation Outreach

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Forward March Inc. (FMI) proudly presents for the New Year Forward March Operation Outreach. FMI has been working hard to help veterans through our non profit programs Professional Women Veterans Coalition, Maui Warrior Appreciation Vacation and through our partnership with Fred Astaire Dance Studios Dancing with Our Heroes. We have been hard at work connecting companies and veterans through job fairs and employment networking events. Through Dancing with Our Heroes we have helped to raise over $300,000 for the Fisher House Foundation and the USO.

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Under the Forward March Operation Outreach the programs mentioned above will continue to grow and serve our veteran population in 2015. We encourage you to learn more about each of our Forward March Operation Outreach programs here… We also encourage you to follow this news feed to get the latest information on events as well as opportunities for you and your organization or company to get involved in helping veterans.

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FMI is dedicated to helping veterans and one small way we do this every day is through providing access to valuable resources on our Tools and Resources page here…

 Stay tuned for some very exciting Forward March Operation Outreach events coming soon!

Veteran Employment Weekly Roundup

Are you a veteran of the United States Military or a transitioning military individual? If you are, and you are looking for employment today, or upon your ETS date then you should check back with our news blog often. Forward March Inc. is a company of veterans committed to helping veterans. Frequently we post information that we feel warrants checking out by both veterans and transitioning military who are hunting for a career.


Below are listings found this week that may very well help you in your career search:

Upcoming Military and Veteran Job Fairs from

Recruit Military Job Fair Calendar.

Top 25 Employers Hiring Veterans Now According to the Army Times

According to Forbes These are the Best Places for Veterans to Look for Employment as far as Location Goes

Convergys is Hiring 300 and are PRIMARILY Focusing on Veterans

Are you a veteran entrepreneur or a veteran with dreams of being your own boss? The Institute for Veterans and Military Families Receives $450,000 Grant from Sam’s Club Giving Program to Support Women Veteran Entrepreneurs
Read more…

If you love fitness, want to be your own boss, are interested in REAL opportunities (no MLM) then you owe it to yourself to check out what Forward March Inc. has available right now!

Hiring Red, White & You is a program run by the Texas Workforce Commission. You can learn more about the hiring events they host here.

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For veterans who want to learn a new skill, or expand on a skill-set should check out the fine folks over at Workforce Solutions Alamo and Alamo Colleges are collaborating to offer short-term skills development programs in the areas of Information Technology, the Manufacturing Industry and Aerospace. Learn more here. 

Forward March Inc. world headquarters are located in San Antonio, Texas. We love our city and our state, thus, we would be remiss not to mention to all of you veterans and transitioning military folks that San Antonio has been ranked number 1 as home for military retirees. Check out the Houston Chronicle article HERE. 

Forward March Inc. has an outstanding Tools & Resources page for veterans and transitioning military personnel. Check it out here. 


One way that you can honor our national treasure, our heroes, is to employ them. If your company or organization wants to know how to go about employing veterans and transitioning military personnel contact us today!  Also, come see us at our Corporate toCamouflage Conference and/or our FREE Veteran Employment Transition Networking Event.

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Veterans, Transitioning Military Personnel, and their families are encouraged to meet with employers at this free event.