Joplin – Military Hiring 101 Employer Workshop – A Great Success!

Military Hiring 101 Event Flyer


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Paul Volpe – FMI – discussing Veteran interviewing with the group

TAMKO, Asbell Construction, JDS, Mercy Hospital – Joplin, Tri-State Area Contractors Association, Westmark Services, Buffalo Run Casino and Compass Quest were all part of the Veteran learning experience at Buffalo Run Casino on the Tuesday.  The event sponsored by Buffalo Run Casino was all about helping companies improve their ability to Attract, Hire and Retain America’s Veterans.

It was great to have an outstanding group of companies and organizations come together to discuss ways to help improve the lives of Veterans and their families one job at a time.

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One of the many group pics taken after our motivating training!

Jimmy Burgess – Discussing Elite Leader Training and the Compass Quest Team

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FMI – Team Joplin – Outstanding Group of Veterans

Thank you to all that participated – Joplin is truly Veterans helping Veterans!

For more information on Hiring Veterans or our next Military 101:

Live Your Dream – Be Your Own Boss!


According to the Small Business Association Office of Advocacy veterans make up approximately 9.1% of business owners. Veterans have a long standing history of leaving or retiring from military service and venturing out as small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Today there are more opportunities for Americans to start their own business than ever before. There are a multitude of ways that you can start your own business from franchises and licensing opportunities to buying into existing businesses and sales distribution markets, just to name a few. Starting a home-based-business is also always an option and many people exercise this option with varying results. The reasons for business failure are varied but one thing that helps ensure success is a good business model and sound business planning.

Many opportunities touted in the “sharing economy” and in the world of multi level marketing (MLM) promise great financial futures but the statistical reality is that few people who embark in these ventures ever make the income they dreamed of making when they started. These kinds of business “opportunities” have been in the news again with the public commitment of Uber to bring 50,000 vets onboard. You can read about what is going on with that here. 

If you want to avoid the pitfalls of becoming another statistic in these markets you can mitigate your risk. Take your time, and research the business you are getting into. If a business opportunity sounds too good to be true, conventional wisdom dictates that it probably is. However, no harm comes from doing your homework and researching opportunities. Entrepreneur magazine has some great advice on how to research a business opportunity. You can find their informative article here. 

Veterans who wish to go down the road of entrepreneurship have a lot of opportunities today to learn, get mentored and find proven methods of business success. If you are interested in joining the ranks of veterans who own their own business then you will definitely be interested in some of the outstanding opportunities available to you right now. Many of these opportunities are free for veterans! While many of these opportunities are in the San Antonio area we encourage veterans to look into their local Chamber, SBA, and university locations to find out if programs like this are being offered in their location.

We posted a while back that the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce is “re-booting” their entrepreneurial boot-camp for military veterans. You can learn more about that here.

Veterans who want to join the SBA and start down the track of entrepreneurship should check out the latest article on the San Antonio Business Journal site. The SBA is extending their fee waiver program for veterans through 2015!


Veterans and transitioning military interested in starting their own business should also check out the San Antonio Small Business Development Center at UTSA. This program offers a number of benefits including special veterans assistance.


Forward March Inc. has an outstanding relationship with our customer Fred Astarie Dance Studios. You owe it to yourself to check out our previous post to learn more about the outstanding opportunities for employment and even franchise ownership with them.

We Can Train You How To Hire Veterans!


Professionals today, across virtually every industry, will attest to the power of quality training. Quality training that keeps professionals up to date in their skill areas helps companies and organizations achieve their mission but it also has the power to help professionals to reach their career-track goals and expectations. Within the world of recruiting and human resources professionals today have a lot to juggle. Finding high quality talent is one of those things that recruiting specialists put at the top of their list. Finding, attracting, hiring and retaining top talent can make a recruiting specialist a “hero” in their organization.

Today’s veterans represent the highest caliber workforce our nation has ever produced. If you are looking to build a strong veteran workforce in your company or organization Forward March, Inc. stands ready to assist. The Forward March Inc. team can bring high quality training to help recruiters learn how to find, attract, hire and retain high quality military talent through our Military Hiring 101 Workshop. This training is very powerful and the Forward March Training Team stands ready to deliver this training to you. We can do custom training for your organization on your location and within your time frame. Check out our website to learn more.

How to Get Your Dream Job – Part I – The “E” Word

I recently read an article about a young man who just got out of the military and was stuck in a minimum wage job. Apparently this young man had an IT career in the military but could not land even a low paying IT position with any companies. It turns out that while he was highly trained in his specific field of IT he did not have a college degree.


Today companies across all industries claim to be eager to hire veterans. This can be music to your ears if you are transitioning out of the military soon. However, that music will quickly halt when reality sets in. The fact is that those transitioning out of the military are entering a job market that is saturated with people looking for work. Competition is extremely stiff and you will need to have made good career planning decisions to navigate the waters to your dream job. There are companies that aggressively seek to gain the coveted title of Military Friendly from organizations such as and we strongly salute those companies and their inspiring efforts. Keep those companies in mind when you are doing your career planning. However, this alone is not enough to land your dream job. Its all about preparation!

You have not started career planning??????  Its NOT too late!

For those who are transitioning out of the military, or who are veterans who have been out for any length of time, job searching can be an exercise in frustration. Giving up is never an option! It is possible to get the job you want, but it is going to take time, effort, and most of all dedication. Those who focus like a laser on their career objectives are more apt to succeed than those who make looking for that perfect job a part time job.


The first thing any transitioning military member or veteran must do is take a good hard look at where they want to go with their career.

  • What do you want to do?
  • How much do you want to make in salary?
  • What kind of work environment do you want?
  • What kind of benefits packages are you looking for?
  • Where do you want to live?
  • What is your idea of work/life balance?

These and many other questions can help you sit down and logically put together a career path.

There are many guides out there in book or on-line form that can help you make those career path plans. Google best career planning books, sites, resources and apps to get started on your career planning. If you are going the entrepreneur rout then do this for entrepreneurial career planners and make sure to start networking with the SBA, your local Chamber of Commerce, and organizations that support veteran entrepreneurs such as the Bunker.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 09.59.47
Suggested Reading:
Figuring out just what to do with your life:

What Color is Your Parachute?  (Psst… Amazon has this book)

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 10.01.05
Suggested Reading:
For creative people who want to dig deep into their passion. Great for artists, writers, journalists, etc. The Artist’s Way 
(Psst… Amazon has this book)

Suggested Reading:
How To Create A Career Path When Your Job Doesn’t Have One 

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 10.05.16
Suggested Reading:
The Four Hour Work Week (Psst… Amazon has this book)

When choosing a career path you may want to consider going where the money and the demand take you. According to a recent CNN Money article the top paying positions for military veterans are:

  1. Chief Information Officer – annual salary = $167,200
  2. Capture Manager – annual salary = $164,100
  3. Senior Program Manager- annual salary = $137,900
  4. Vice President Technology- annual salary = $134,200
  5. Chief Information Security Officer- annual salary = $133,700

According to Forbes magazine in a recent article the highest paying in-demand jobs currently are:

  1. Physician
  2. Pharmacy Manager
  3. Software Architect
  4. Software Development Manager
  5. Finance Manager
  6. Solutions Architect
  7. Lawyer
  8. Analytics Manager
  9. IT Manager
  10. Tax Manager

What do these positions all have in common?

  1. Education
  2. Certification
  3. Experience Required

At this point in your career planning you should also take a good hard look at education. America has always been in love with the Rags-to-Riches stories of those who had nothing and made millions. Today talk show hosts, authors, and self-professed career gurus give seemingly countless examples of how a college education is not necessary for everyone. While that may be true in certain circumstances, the general rule still applies today. College graduates, on the whole, earn more than those without a college degree. If you are looking at working for a company or organization this is certainly true.

Education is of paramount importance. According to the Veterans Administration 73% of veterans who used their educational benefits said that these benefits were “extremely important” or “very important” in helping them meet their goals and preparing them to get a better job. While this is a fact that is pretty easy for most of us to agree with the real head-scratcher is in this statistic – only about 37% of veterans use their education benefits.

Companies might be military friendly and sincerely want to hire you as a veteran but the fact is they have a position to fill that has certain requirements. The recruiter or HR representative that is looking at your resume, or interviewing you, has to consider you stacked up against all their other qualified applicants. The best candidates have done their research, they have education, possibly certifications and they are eager. In addition to that the top candidates have most likely sharpened their resume to near perfection, practiced their interviewing skills, learned the (civilian) industry lingo, and made extensive use of networking. 

Additional Resources in this area: 

Employment Preparation Part 1 of 3

About That Social Media Thing – Military and Veteran Employment Preparation – Part 2 of 3

Resume and Interview Tips and Suggestions for Veterans and Transitioning Military (part 3 of 3)

Consider the “cold hard facts” when career planning: 

  • You are competing with a HUGE market of people looking for jobs due to the high level of unemployment that the nation has endured since 08-09.
  • You are competing with highly educated and experienced professionals who were laid off or otherwise lost their jobs due to the economic down turn.
  • The competition for any position generally has a college degree and relevant and active certifications.
  • Salaries, for virtually everyone (except high level executives in extremely large and successful companies) are down when compared to the market pre 2008.

As you study your career path make sure you do not overlook the power of an education. College degrees are important and can take your career far.

Not up for long term education but looking for a quick fix? For certain career fields certifications and specialized training can make the difference in your getting a dream job or working at the local burger joint. IT professionals know this. Those pursuing IT careers might want to look at programs such as the Open Cloud Academy run by Rackspace Programs such as this can bring a veteran up to speed in a specific IT area and give them the powerful certifications they need to get their dream job.

Other organizations such as The Good Careers Academy can get you your education and certification, with speed and low cost, in a wide variety of fields very quickly and enable you to use your military benefits to pay for it. You can learn more about them here

Did you know? Apple Pledges $50 to increase number of women, minorities and veterans in tech jobs.

Did you know? Pentagon is hiring 3,000 Cyber Security professionals 

Transitioning Military and Veteran Tools and Resources


Forward March Inc. is an SDVOB (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business). We are a company of veterans helping veterans. Today we would like to share with veterans and transitioning military personnel some valuable tools for employment, education and transition. You can find these valuable tools and more on our website here…

Veteran’s Village and San Antonio Military Job Fair – Thursday March 19th 2015 – click here for more info

Military Veterans:

Department of Veteran’s Affairs

My Army Benefits

Veteran’s Gold Card – The Gold Card provides unemployed post 9/11 veterans with intensive and follow-up services needed to succeed in today’s job market. The God Card initiative is a joint effort of the DoL Employment and Training Administration (ETA) and the Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS).

Department of Labor Vets Program

America’s Service Locator – Find workforce services in your area nationwide.

Official Wounded Warrior Programs:

Army Wounded Warrior- AW2

Air Force Wounded Warrior

Navy Wounded Warrior – Safe Harbor

Marine Wounded Warrior

National Resource Directory – Connecting Wounded Warriors, Service Members, Veterans, Their Families and Caregivers with Those Who Support Them.

VetSuccess– VetSuccess is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and provides the opportunity for veterans to post resumes, and for employers to post job openings as well as links directly to Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) national employment resources for employers.

Veterans Administration Assistance for Homeless Veterans

VA Benefits for Veterans Dependents and Survivors

National Center for PTSD

The work opportunity tax credit – Veterans Brochure

Army Soldier for Life

Marine for Life

Hero 2 Hire

Transitioning Military:

The US Army has the COOL program – “COOL (Credentialing Opportunities On-Line) helps Army Soldiers find information on certifications and licenses related to their Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs). COOL explains how Soldiers can meet civilian certification and license requirements and provides links to numerous resources to help get them started.”

The US Navy also has the COOL program for their service members.

Active duty military personnel can also get matched with potential employers before they get out making for a smooth transition from their military career to their civilian career. Military personnel can go to their respective service branch military transition program for matching transitioning military with potential employers.

Currently the US Army is using the Transition Assistance Program (TAP), which provides job assistance and separation counseling for soldiers and their families.Soldiers can learn more about this program at the official TAP site

The Marine Corps Transition Readiness Program

The US Navy uses a program called Transition GPS

The US Air Force Transition Assistance Program

The US Coast Guard Office of Work-Life Programs –Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

Employment Tools:

Real Strength – Resume and Interviewing information and much more

U.S. DOL Employment Workshop – Transition from Military to Civilian Workforce – Guide

TAP Manual (note: this is the 2001/2003 version)

Navy Transition Guide TGPS Overview Pre-Separation Counseling Checklist

Employment Outlets and Resources:

Private sector effort to hire veterans –

Locate veterans at an American Job Center near you –

Business Center at CareerOneStop –

Disabled American Veterans (DAV) –

The Army Women’s Foundation –

If you are interested in energy and are interested in a Federal job check out

Sunday, March 15th was the 96th birthday of The American Legion.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 08.31.30 History

The March 1919 Paris Caucus set in motion The American Legion.

The American Legion was chartered by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic veterans organization. Focusing on service to veterans, service members and communities, the Legion evolved from a group of war-weary veterans of World War I into one of the most influential nonprofit groups in the United States. Membership swiftly grew to over 1 million, and local posts sprang up across the country. Today, membership stands at over 2.4 million in 14,000 posts worldwide. The posts are organized into 55 departments: one each for the 50 states, along with the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, France, Mexico and the Philippines.

Over the years, the Legion has influenced considerable social change in America, won hundreds of benefits for veterans and produced many important programs for children and youth.

You can learn more about The American Legion here…

Introducing the Forward March Inc. Heroes Career Academy

heroes career academy logo VIII

Forward March Inc. stands ready to work with your company to build a highly motivated, diverse, energetic and strong workforce. We can not only bring you a strong veteran talent pipeline, we can also provide the training for those veterans that your company needs in order to hire them. Our training programs are highly successful, built on a proven model that gives us the ability to train anywhere and often in a fraction of the time that other institutions would take. Mobility and Portability, that is the Forward March Inc. difference. We provide Veteran Training and Certification at Your Location and on Your Schedule. The training programs that we employ are customized to meet your specific needs.

Customized Curriculum and Training

• Curriculum and Training Customized to Your Employment Needs
• High Quality Military Candidate Pipeline for Education Programs Ensures High Quality Trained and Certified Workforce
• Tax Incentives for Veteran Employment
• High Quality Nationally Accepted Training at a Faster Pace and Lower Expense

Current certifications include but are not limited to:

• Welder
• Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
• Industrial Technician
• Apartment Technician
• Aeronautical Welder
• Pharmacy Technician
• Medical Assistant
• Administrative Assistant
• Computer Support Specialist
• Medical Front Office – Medical Coding
• Nurse’s Aid
• Pharmacy Technician
• Supply Chain Associate


Forward March, Inc. (FMI) is a Service Disabled Veteran-owned Small Business (SDVOB) based in San Antonio, Texas. FMI has over three decades of collective experience bringing businesses and veterans together. We are proud to partner with Goodwill’s Good Careers Academy to form The Heroes Career Academy. This unique academy provides custom training and certification programs for companies who want to hire high quality military talent. Our programs are customizable, scalable and provide mobility and portability.

Partnering with Industry Training, Certifying and Hiring Our Country’s Heroes


• Veteran Administration (VA) Approved Training
• Certifications
• Job Placement with Veteran Friendly Employers
• NCCER Certification Accepted Nationwide
• Education Credit for Military Service

Contact Forward March Inc. Today to find out how to get started with your veteran talent pipeline trained to meet your needs.

Contact Richard at Forward March Inc. for more information  – Send Email

Phone: 1-888-723-6223

High Quality Military Talent – Forward March Inc. Has What You Need!

macbook-air-all-faded-and-stuffIf you are looking for high quality talent for your company or organization then give Forward March Inc. a call today. We help companies and organizations every day find, attract, hire and retain high quality military talent. What you may not know however is that we also have veterans ready to go to work for you immediately. Forward March Inc. receives input and then pre-screens veterans daily who are looking for a veteran friendly company to start a career with. No matter your skill or education requirements for your position we can help you.

We specialize in finding high quality military talent in the following areas, just to name a few:

  • Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Construction
  • Driving (CDL)
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical (including clinical)
  • Sales
  • Recruiting
  • State and Government Contract Positions
  • Unskilled Labor

file0001223708026If you are a veteran of the United States Military or are transitioning out of the Military make sure to contact Forward March Inc. as part of your employment track.

Go here to fill out our employment information form and an FMI representative will contact you soon. If we do not have an open position with one of our customers we will work to find another company to try to place veterans with.

If you are a transitioning military person or a veteran be sure to check out our Tools and Resources page to learn more of what you can do to find and land that great career you are looking for.

Forward March Inc. also published a series of articles that will help you in preparing for your career by giving some valuable information on resumes, interviewing and social media networking. You can read those here:

Employment Preparation 

Social Media Networking 

Resume and Interview Tips 

FMI Community Outreach LogoForward March Inc. has an official non-profit 501c3 part of our organization known as Forward March Inc. Operation Outreach. Under our Operation Outreach we have a variety of programs.

  • Professional Womens Veterans Coalition (PWVC)
  • Maui Warrior Appreciation Weekend
  • Dancing with Our Heroes

If you would like to be involved in any of our programs or would like to contribute in any way please Check out our page here…


Forward March Inc. Ribbon Cutting with the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce


First things first, we would like to thank everyone who came to our ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday. Special thanks goes out to the to the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and the outstanding Chamber Ambassadors! Thank you to all of you who share our vision of helping veterans and making San Antonio the model for military hiring and military transition!

In the life of any business there are days that mark significant milestones. When we became a member of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce we knew we would want to do an official ribbon cutting ceremony at our new offices. Yesterday the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce sent out their ambassadors to the Forward March Inc. worldwide headquarters and helped us have a very successful ribbon cutting event. The weather was perfect. The opportunity for us to share this important event is very important to us. Below are some highlights of the event. Be sure to head over to our Facebook page for a LOT more pictures.


FMI World Headquarters and our FMI Hummer await the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


Ahhhh the sweet smell of success.


The Chamber Ambassadors have arrived


Its January 29th, mid 70s and just perfect weather. You have to love winter in San Antonio Texas!


Its official now!


Team FMI! We are veterans helping veterans. Thank you San Antonio Chamber of Commerce for making this day special!

IMG_7408 IMG_7416 IMG_7427


Its Friday again, so break out those red shirts! R.E.D. Friday is here so remember everyone deployed!

Learn more about RED Fridays:

Join Forward March Inc. Today for Our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

ribbon cutting ceremonyToday is the big day. Come out and join us! Need a map and directions? Go here…

Stay tuned for event highlights and pics.

Resume and Interview Tips and Suggestions for Veterans and Transitioning Military (part 3 of 3)

Sometimes we run across articles that have really good advice for veterans and transitioning military personnel with regards to employment. This morning as I perused the “hot sheets” for articles on veteran employment and transition I came across this little gem over at the Seattle PI website. This article titled “2015: Underemployment the New Employment for Many Veterans – Part 1a” echoes a lot of what we have been writing here on the Forward March Inc. blog page. However there are some golden nuggets that can help you out so we strongly suggest taking a minute or two and checking it out.

Forward March Inc. has posted some new positions on our website and more are coming in January! Make sure to check them out here…

We thought, with all these new positions coming on line in the next 30 days, we would post a three part series we released earlier in the year to help veterans and transitioning military in the areas of resumes, interviewing, social media and a more.This information is actually really helpful to anyone from any background when they are going through the job searching process so feel free to share it with anyone you know may be benefitted by the info in these articles.

Part III – Resume and Interview Tips and Suggestions

Resume and Interview Tips and Suggestions

Below are suggestions to use in your resume writing and also for your interviews. 

Leadership and management skills – Leadership and management skills acquired during your military service are to be highlighted. Highlight when you had leadership and management experience, training, or when you had leadership and management on a project/mission/task. Leadership and management does not necessarily have to translate to the job you are interviewing for, when they do not highlight them as a capability to manage people/materials/resources. 

Practice good communication skills – Your physical and verbal communication should be open, friendly, and confident. Try to physically relax and make eye contact with the person you are interviewing with. Avoid crossing arms, putting hands on hips or in pockets, or slouching when talking or listening to a potential employer. Make sure in your speech you keep your communication professional, short, and positive. Never talk about situations, people, or events in a negative manner. Try to keep the conversation positive. Never complain about previous employers, coworkers, assignments, duties, or situations. Avoid unnecessary details when relating your job experience. Keep your political and sociological ideologies out of the interview process.

8401272827_6a3fe41250_b Highlight your military skill and projects while being brief and describing things as much as possible in terms any civilian can easily understand. Avoid acronyms that are military knowledge specific.

Quantify work experience and achievements – Specifically what did you do, what problems/challenges did you overcome, problem solving tools, etc. For instance highlight the state of a project before you brought the solution to bear and then highlight how you improved the state.

Highlight goals and achievements – Depending on the interview style and time given for the interview, it is incumbent upon you to highlight briefly and succinctly your achievements, goals achieved, recognition and awards for achievements, etc. Make sure you highlight the necessity of teamwork, as often as is applicable so that an employer sees that you know that mission success is more about the team than the individual. This lets employers know that you are going to be a team player and not a lone wolf. Keep your examples to about two. Again, pay attention to the interviewer and take their lead, if they seem to want more information or more examples/details/etc then supply those.

References – In an interview these may or may not be asked for. Frequently when time is short interviewers will not ask for references. Make sure that your relevant and impressive references are highlighted before the end of your interview. Be brief, but make sure that the interviewer is aware of your references.

Highlight volunteer/intern/freelance work – Any volunteer work or freelance work done in the field you are looking at applying for should be listed on your resume and highlighted in your interview.

Clearances – When applying for positions which you think you may need a security clearance for make sure you note on your resume if you have a CURRENT security clearance and what level it is.

Photo Credit - Bokeh Breath by Rick Camacho

Photo Credit – Bokeh Breath by Rick Camacho

Lastly but most importantly – Relax, be yourself. People generally appreciate a person that is true to who they are.

~ Article by Tobin Pilotte, Directer of Marketing and Technology for Forward March Inc.