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Social media is used by so many today that it has become a ubiquitous aspect of our 21st century reality. Businesses and individuals alike use a variety of social media platforms to connect to others. 

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There is a new social media site that Veterans and Active Duty Military personnel may want to check out. is a social media site set up for us, or to be more specific, those of us who served. The gives the user the ability to add a ton of information about you and your career (military and post military). While they have a very small subscription fee there is also a robust package for those who want a free service.

Not so long ago we published an article that will help you keep your social media pages and strategies professional and prevent them from becoming a liability in your career search or in your military career. Read that post here… 

Transitioning Military and Veteran Tools and Resources


Forward March Inc. is an SDVOB (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business). We are a company of veterans helping veterans. Today we would like to share with veterans and transitioning military personnel some valuable tools for employment, education and transition. You can find these valuable tools and more on our website here…

Veteran’s Village and San Antonio Military Job Fair – Thursday March 19th 2015 – click here for more info

Military Veterans:

Department of Veteran’s Affairs

My Army Benefits

Veteran’s Gold Card – The Gold Card provides unemployed post 9/11 veterans with intensive and follow-up services needed to succeed in today’s job market. The God Card initiative is a joint effort of the DoL Employment and Training Administration (ETA) and the Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS).

Department of Labor Vets Program

America’s Service Locator – Find workforce services in your area nationwide.

Official Wounded Warrior Programs:

Army Wounded Warrior- AW2

Air Force Wounded Warrior

Navy Wounded Warrior – Safe Harbor

Marine Wounded Warrior

National Resource Directory – Connecting Wounded Warriors, Service Members, Veterans, Their Families and Caregivers with Those Who Support Them.

VetSuccess– VetSuccess is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and provides the opportunity for veterans to post resumes, and for employers to post job openings as well as links directly to Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) national employment resources for employers.

Veterans Administration Assistance for Homeless Veterans

VA Benefits for Veterans Dependents and Survivors

National Center for PTSD

The work opportunity tax credit – Veterans Brochure

Army Soldier for Life

Marine for Life

Hero 2 Hire

Transitioning Military:

The US Army has the COOL program – “COOL (Credentialing Opportunities On-Line) helps Army Soldiers find information on certifications and licenses related to their Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs). COOL explains how Soldiers can meet civilian certification and license requirements and provides links to numerous resources to help get them started.”

The US Navy also has the COOL program for their service members.

Active duty military personnel can also get matched with potential employers before they get out making for a smooth transition from their military career to their civilian career. Military personnel can go to their respective service branch military transition program for matching transitioning military with potential employers.

Currently the US Army is using the Transition Assistance Program (TAP), which provides job assistance and separation counseling for soldiers and their families.Soldiers can learn more about this program at the official TAP site

The Marine Corps Transition Readiness Program

The US Navy uses a program called Transition GPS

The US Air Force Transition Assistance Program

The US Coast Guard Office of Work-Life Programs –Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

Employment Tools:

Real Strength – Resume and Interviewing information and much more

U.S. DOL Employment Workshop – Transition from Military to Civilian Workforce – Guide

TAP Manual (note: this is the 2001/2003 version)

Navy Transition Guide TGPS Overview Pre-Separation Counseling Checklist

Employment Outlets and Resources:

Private sector effort to hire veterans –

Locate veterans at an American Job Center near you –

Business Center at CareerOneStop –

Disabled American Veterans (DAV) –

The Army Women’s Foundation –

If you are interested in energy and are interested in a Federal job check out

Sunday, March 15th was the 96th birthday of The American Legion.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 08.31.30 History

The March 1919 Paris Caucus set in motion The American Legion.

The American Legion was chartered by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic veterans organization. Focusing on service to veterans, service members and communities, the Legion evolved from a group of war-weary veterans of World War I into one of the most influential nonprofit groups in the United States. Membership swiftly grew to over 1 million, and local posts sprang up across the country. Today, membership stands at over 2.4 million in 14,000 posts worldwide. The posts are organized into 55 departments: one each for the 50 states, along with the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, France, Mexico and the Philippines.

Over the years, the Legion has influenced considerable social change in America, won hundreds of benefits for veterans and produced many important programs for children and youth.

You can learn more about The American Legion here…


I want to say something up front, just in case you don’t read the whole post today.


If this topic seems not applicable, and especially if the topic of this post turns you off, then please read it anyway.

We write a lot about hiring veterans on this blog, largely because that is one of the main aspects of our company business – helping companies find, hire and retain high quality military talent. We, as a company of veterans, are very passionate about helping veterans attain meaningful careers instead of just getting a j-o-b. Hiring wounded warriors is something close to our heart and something we encourage our customers to make part of their recruiting strategy.

We were recently talking with a manufacturing company owner who hires veterans and wounded warriors. During the conversation he revealed that a number of companies he has had dealings with said that they did not want to hire wounded warriors because they did not want to look at them. When I heard this I almost fell out of my chair.

m11I am a mid 40s hard working American. I served my country in the US Army and then went to college, started a family, and went on to live the American dream. When I was a kid I thought naively that that everyone had an equal shot at achieving their dreams. My parents were hard working Americans who taught me that things such as race, religion, sex, and disabilities were not things that another person should be judged by. Nor should they be things that should hold them back from achieving their dreams. The reality that we live in a 21st century America where some people would have such prejudice against our nation’s heroes who are wounded warriors is nothing short of appalling.

As a nation we have struggled with equal rights for people with regards to race, religion, sex, and disabilities. It is arguable that we still struggle mightily on these issues. The vast majority of Americans firmly believe that these issues should be addressed and people should be treated with fairness, dignity and respect. I want to believe that the companies that would refuse a wounded warrior a job because it was out of their “comfort zone” to do so are few and far between. I want to believe that but when stories like this come across my desk I have to wonder.


Army veteran and wounded warrior JP Lane playing music on the Maui Warrior Appreciation Vacation.

It is not easy to deal with any issue outside your comfort zone and company decision makers have this to contend with just like the rest of us. However, part of moving our nation forward has been the desire of the vast majority of us to treat all people with equality, with fairness, with dignity and with respect. I would like to take this time to ask those decision makers within companies and organizations to really take a good hard look at their hiring practices and address this issue. A man or woman who has given their service to their nation and subsequently been wounded should NEVER be denied employment just because it is outside someone’s comfort zone.

support our troops hire themThere are a lot of moving parts when it comes to hiring and developing hiring and recruiting strategies for companies and organizations. Many companies find it difficult to navigate the landscape and find, attract and hire high quality military talent. Many more companies find it difficult to retain veteran talent. The wounded warrior component can seem a daunting task for a company to take on in their recruiting process as well as in their operational environment. Forward March Inc. has experience in helping companies and organizations navigate these waters and attain the high quality military talent they need to have a vibrant, energetic, and DIVERSE work environment. We have the ability to help your organization find the right talent with the right experience at the right time. If you are serious about hiring veterans, and if you are serious about hiring wounded warriors give us a call today. Even if you never use our services we encourage you to develop a veteran recruiting program that includes hiring wounded warriors.

The fine men and women of Forward March Inc. salute all employers who hire veterans, especially the ones who hire wounded warriors!

~ Article by Tobin Pilotte, Directer of Marketing and Technology. 


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