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Forward March, Inc. (FMI) is a Service Disabled Veteran-owned small business based in San Antonio, Texas.  FMI was formed in 2013 by retired US Military Members and successful business professionals with offices in San Antonio and Houston, Texas. We are Veterans serving our military members and corporate America.  FMI is an industry leader in client partner relationships offering second-to-none consultative expertise at an effective cost, making us a premier choice.  We provide our clients with highly qualified Veteran employees who know their business!  FMI offers flexible solutions for your business needs, specializing in:

  • Military Talent Pipeline Services
    – Helping companies find the right military talent, at the right time, for the right skill-set
  • Leadership Training
    – Corporate leadership training with a military flair
  • Heroes Career Academy
    – Military talent with your custom training on your location and in budget
  • Strategic Business Services
    – Helping businesses achieve their performance goals
  • Military Hiring 101 Workshops
    – Teaching the information needed to start a military talent pipeline no matter the size
  • Camouflage to Corporate Conferences
    – Providing the tools for mission success through military talent for a more focused, motivated and productive team
  • Business Bootcamps
    – Leadership, management, motivational, you name it, we can do a bootcamp for it
  • Government Contracting
    – Providing military talent in all levels and positions of contracting
  • Public Speaking Engagements
    – Inquire about our public speakers and topics by contacting us today

We put the HOOAH! in business!

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The Secret to Making Energy Companies Great – Talent

clean energy

Energy, arguably it’s the most important element of any civilization’s infrastructure. Energy companies today are booming, from the traditional oil and gas companies to the clean energy companies using wind and solar technology. While there has been a downturn in the crude oil markets other energy companies are fairing very well.

According to the latest “Electric Power Monthly” report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, which includes data through the end of 2014, some 13.91% of electricity generation in the U.S. last year was from renewable sources. (read source here)

New funds for wind, solar, biofuels and other low-carbon energy technologies gained 16 percent to $310 billion last year, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. It was the first growth since 2011, erasing the impact of lower solar-panel prices and falling subsides in the U.S. and Europe that hurt the industry in previous years. (read source here)

Industry officials and analysts forecast a continued boom in U.S. solar markets over the near term, with a projected 31 percent growth target for 2015. The growth will be fueled by falling costs for solar panels and modules, business model innovation that allows for more flexibility in ownership, favorable political and regulatory environments, and increased access to low-cost capital. (read source here) 


While there are a wide variety of technologies that drive energy production the fact every energy company must face is that the quality of their products, services and overall success is directly tied to the caliber of their employees. Great employees make great companies. Energy companies all over the world have learned that hiring top talent makes a huge difference.

Top talent for energy companies cannot be found just anywhere. If it could then being a company recruiter would be an easy job that anyone could do. Those who are involved in recruiting today know otherwise, they are always on the lookout for those “pools” of talent that they can draw from for their companies or for their clients. Successful Energy companies across the United States have found that hiring top military talent helps them meet their corporate mission objectives.

Additional Reading:  Leveraging Veteran Talent: The Opportunity for the Clean Energy Industry 

Energy companies today are looking for veteran skills such as good communication, self management, self motivation, the ability to organize or be a part of a team solution and problem solving skills… just to name a few. Former military personnel typically have the skills and work ethics that energy companies want and need.

Clean Energy companies, like their traditional energy counterparts, leverage the skills, talent and experiences of about a quarter million military personnel who transition annually from military to civilian service. Energy companies benefit also from the inherent resourcefulness and experience of just over one million members of the National Guard and Reserve. These service members are engaged in their civilian careers at the same time they serve in the military.


Cutting edge energy companies as well as other companies who are employing renewable energy recognize the value of top military talent. Tesla is aggressively recruiting military veterans for the production of their cutting edge electric car line. Tesla is by no means an anomaly when it comes to employing top military talent for mission success, companies such as First Solar have been named Military Friendly Employer by G.I. Jobs Magazine. Currently the energy companies listed on are

  • American Electric Power
  • Arizona Public Service
  • Baker Hughes, Inc.
  • Berkshire Hathaway Energy
  • BP America, Inc.
  • Chesapeake Energy Corporation
  • Colorado Springs Utilities
  • Devon Energy Corporation
  • Dominion Resources, Inc.
  • Exelon Corporation
  • Fugro (USA)
  • Halliburton
  • Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Patterson-UTI Drilling Company, LLC
  • PPL
  • Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG)
  • Shell
  • Southern Company

Additional Reading: How one company is using top military talent in the clean energy industry.

The Department of Energy announced training for companies which will start them down the road to hiring military talent. DOE Announces Webinars on Hiring Veterans for Solar Energy Jobs, Tribal Energy Development Best Practices, and More.  While programs like this are very good many organizations struggle with implementing a solid military hiring strategy. This is what separates those companies who make the Military Friendly and G.I. Jobs list from the rest of the industry. Military hiring strategies can help your organization focus on the right talent, at the right time for the right job. Read more on how to develop a military hiring strategy here… 

If your company or organization is serious about employing top talent and achieving mission success Forward March Inc. (FMI) has your solution. There are lots of options when looking to an outside organization to assist with your recruiting needs but at the end of the day cost and the quality of your job candidates are most likely your top concerns. FMI makes your job of recruiting easier through a variety of services and scalable solutions we can bring to your organization.

We have the solution. Forward March Inc. (FMI) has over 35 years of collective experience helping employers and veterans connect. Our understanding of military skills translation is second-to-none. We not only understand the military branches and their skills we can help train your HR team to this as well. We have written a Military Hiring Guide that can guide your team step-by-step through the understanding of military skills and rank to finding the right military talent for your various positions you are seeking to fill.

FMI was founded to deal with the very issues we are discussing in this article. We are a company of veterans helping veterans to actually get real and meaningful careers as opposed to just throwing their resumes at potential “jobs”. We never charge a veteran and we are deeply committed to veteran retention, because its not good enough to commit to hiring a veteran, companies need to learn how to retain them. Our customized and scalable solutions can help any company or organization of any size start finding, attracting, and hiring veterans very quickly.

FMI knows EXACTLY where to find your military talent. We understand the skills translation and we have a wealth of resources for helping you to get the positions you are hiring for right in front of both veterans and transitioning military personnel.

The reason our solution is different is because we focus on strategy. A company can come to us and use our services as their one-stop-shop for finding, screening, and hiring of high quality military talent. We can also train HR teams and individuals on how to find, attract, hire and retain military talent. Companies who use both solutions very quickly begin their military hiring program and enjoy the benefit of learning how to do what we do in the process. FMI can also help your company with strategies and solutions for retaining the veterans you hire.

FMI is different because we don’t leave the solution at pipeline services and training. We also train and help build internal strategies and solutions to create a vibrant veteran culture in your company. This helps with retention and also feeds new veteran talent into your pipeline from your most trusted source, your veteran employees.

Support our troops! Give us a call today and get started on your veteran hiring strategy. Together we can change the lives of veterans, help your organization reap the rewards of hiring veterans and bring down the veteran and overall unemployment rates.

FMI is committed to our customers. We know that making the decision to hire veterans can be intimidating. Contact us for a no pressure conversation on how we can help. We can get you started hiring veterans immediately and do it at a cost you can afford!

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Why You Need a Military Talent Pipeline

Forward March Inc Military Talent Pipeline Services - Affordable, Customized, Scalable

Forward March Inc Military Talent Pipeline Services – Affordable, Customized, Scalable

America’s military is the most educated, best trained, and highly motivated fighting force the world has ever seen. Those men and women transitioning from the military are a great national resource who can make a huge difference to any organization that has dedicated itself to hiring outstanding military veterans.

At Forward March Incorporated, we understand the true value of those who have served and we are dedicated to teaching companies how to attract, hire, and retain high quality veteran employees. While we are not a staffing company, one of the many ways we accomplish this is through military pipeline development.

FMI works with companies and organizations of every size, providing military talent pipeline services that are scalable to insure mission success on time and within budget. 

So what’s the difference between staffing and a talent pipeline?

Staffing is the process of recruiting and hiring personnel with a specific set of skill sets, for a specific position within an organization. Doing this requires a dedicated team of recruiters and hiring managers who understand the exact and immediate hiring needs of the company.

For the most part, organizations do a good job of filling positions as new requirements open up, but forecasting staffing requirements proves far more difficult. It’s not always clear what future staffing requirements will be down the road. Predicting future staffing requirements requires forward thinking on behalf of hiring managers. They must account for turnover, promotions, expansions, reductions, and a myriad of other factors that impact staffing needs.

Talent pipeline, on the other hand, provides companies with a pool of qualified candidates ready to fill critical positions as they become available. A robust talent pipeline ensures the right person is placed in the right position at the right time.

Utilizing a talent pipeline is a great way for organizations to adapt to changing staff needs. A talent pipeline allows recruiters to focus on the here and now, while giving hiring managers the peace of mind knowing that the candidate pool can be turned off and on as personnel needs evolve.

We are a company of veterans helping veterans. Unlike other companies FMI NEVER charges a veteran for our services. 

FMI’s unique approach to a military talent pipeline allows us to continuously sell your organization as a great place for veterans to work. Most important of all, FMI is committed to providing our talent services free of charge to the veteran work force. Regardless of your manpower needs, let FMI fill your organization with hard working, loyal, and well trained American veterans.

FMI can meet your talent needs from unskilled labor to highly skilled and technical positions. We have provided military talent solutions that included:

  • IT (information technology) Positions
  • Medical (clinical positions – physicians, physician’s assistants (PAs))
  • Petrolium truck drivers / truck drivers
  • Mechanical Engineering supervisors
  • Project Support Administrators
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Project Engineers
  • Welders
  • Instrument Technicians for Oilfield work
  • Refinery Operations Schedulers
  • Engineers
  • Associate Project Engineers
  • Machinists
  • Dance Instructors
  • Dance Studio Managers & Assistant Managers
  • Unskilled Labor Positions

To learn more visit our website and contact us today! 

~ Article written by Jason Caswell, Forward March Inc – Director of Training and Talent Pipeline Services

Forward March Inc. Hawaiian Mixer

Hawaiian Mixer grand postcard

Forward March Inc. is also hosting a Hawaiian Mixer at our Worldwide Headquarters

When: Wednesday, March 4, 2015 from 5pm to 7pm

Where: 11710 Warfield St, San Antonio, TX, 78216

Come and meet other people and companies who have a passion for helping veterans.

Just ask anyone who has come to any Forward March Inc. event, they are always glad they came. Come join us for good food, great networking, and an outstanding time.

We will be selling raffle tickets for a door prize. All the money raised will go to our Operation Outreach Maui Warrior Appreciation Vacation. This vacation gives selected wounded warriors the opportunity to go to Maui for an all expenses paid vacation. You can learn more about this Operation Outreach project HERE and HERE.

RSVP with Emma at Forward March Inc. for more information  – Send Email

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FREE Military Hiring 101 Workshop

Ok, so you are ready to hire military talent for your organization or company but where do you start?


There are many organizations and companies, even staffing companies, who claim to be able to bring veteran talent to your company. Forward March Inc. offers a unique and highly successful approach for organizations of any size. We can provide the talent and we can build a pipeline of talent.  We can train your HR team how to find, attract, hire and retain high quality military talent. That is a huge difference between us and them, we give you a proven plan for your mission success.

Come and learn how to get started with veteran hiring FOR FREE. Yes, that’s right, our Military Hiring 101 Workshops are FREE OF CHARGE for companies and organizations. 

“This is one of, if not the best military recruiting seminar I have participated in. I can appreciate the validity of the information not only because of the initiative to support our American Heroes’ transition into the civilian world, but also because it is put together by some of our American Heroes. The military background your team possesses inspires us to believe in the message and motivates a person to want to do more!”
– Military Hiring 101 Workshop participant

Join us Wednesday, March 4, 2015 1pm to 4pm, for our Military Hiring 101 Workshop. Get the information and tools you need to succeed in hiring the very best military candidates for your company or organization. Our highly successful solutions are base on the proven military leadership models and systematic approach to organizational growth that Forward March Inc. is known for.

Military Hiring 101 Workshop Agenda:

• Where to find Military Talent
• Attracting Military
Hiring Military
Retaining Military
• Practical Exercises
• Access to professionals with over 35 years of experience connecting companies and veterans
• Network with other companies and organizations committed to the cause of hiring veterans

Forward March Inc. is a company of veterans committed to help veterans. There is NO COMMITMENT NECESSARY TO PURCHASE/BUY/USE OUR SERVICES WITH THIS TRAINING WORKSHOP. Yes, we would like to have you as a customer, but our commitment is to getting veterans into careers. That is why we are committed to getting this powerful training in as many businesses as we can.

Space is limited and these workshops fill up fast so contact Forward March Inc. today!

Please RSVP – Contact Emma at Forward March Inc.  – Send Email

Sign up online here…


Introducing the Forward March Inc. Heroes Career Academy

heroes career academy logo VIII

Forward March Inc. stands ready to work with your company to build a highly motivated, diverse, energetic and strong workforce. We can not only bring you a strong veteran talent pipeline, we can also provide the training for those veterans that your company needs in order to hire them. Our training programs are highly successful, built on a proven model that gives us the ability to train anywhere and often in a fraction of the time that other institutions would take. Mobility and Portability, that is the Forward March Inc. difference. We provide Veteran Training and Certification at Your Location and on Your Schedule. The training programs that we employ are customized to meet your specific needs.

Customized Curriculum and Training

• Curriculum and Training Customized to Your Employment Needs
• High Quality Military Candidate Pipeline for Education Programs Ensures High Quality Trained and Certified Workforce
• Tax Incentives for Veteran Employment
• High Quality Nationally Accepted Training at a Faster Pace and Lower Expense

Current certifications include but are not limited to:

• Welder
• Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
• Industrial Technician
• Apartment Technician
• Aeronautical Welder
• Pharmacy Technician
• Medical Assistant
• Administrative Assistant
• Computer Support Specialist
• Medical Front Office – Medical Coding
• Nurse’s Aid
• Pharmacy Technician
• Supply Chain Associate


Forward March, Inc. (FMI) is a Service Disabled Veteran-owned Small Business (SDVOB) based in San Antonio, Texas. FMI has over three decades of collective experience bringing businesses and veterans together. We are proud to partner with Goodwill’s Good Careers Academy to form The Heroes Career Academy. This unique academy provides custom training and certification programs for companies who want to hire high quality military talent. Our programs are customizable, scalable and provide mobility and portability.

Partnering with Industry Training, Certifying and Hiring Our Country’s Heroes


• Veteran Administration (VA) Approved Training
• Certifications
• Job Placement with Veteran Friendly Employers
• NCCER Certification Accepted Nationwide
• Education Credit for Military Service

Contact Forward March Inc. Today to find out how to get started with your veteran talent pipeline trained to meet your needs.

Contact Richard at Forward March Inc. for more information  – Send Email

Phone: 1-888-723-6223


I want to say something up front, just in case you don’t read the whole post today.


If this topic seems not applicable, and especially if the topic of this post turns you off, then please read it anyway.

We write a lot about hiring veterans on this blog, largely because that is one of the main aspects of our company business – helping companies find, hire and retain high quality military talent. We, as a company of veterans, are very passionate about helping veterans attain meaningful careers instead of just getting a j-o-b. Hiring wounded warriors is something close to our heart and something we encourage our customers to make part of their recruiting strategy.

We were recently talking with a manufacturing company owner who hires veterans and wounded warriors. During the conversation he revealed that a number of companies he has had dealings with said that they did not want to hire wounded warriors because they did not want to look at them. When I heard this I almost fell out of my chair.

m11I am a mid 40s hard working American. I served my country in the US Army and then went to college, started a family, and went on to live the American dream. When I was a kid I thought naively that that everyone had an equal shot at achieving their dreams. My parents were hard working Americans who taught me that things such as race, religion, sex, and disabilities were not things that another person should be judged by. Nor should they be things that should hold them back from achieving their dreams. The reality that we live in a 21st century America where some people would have such prejudice against our nation’s heroes who are wounded warriors is nothing short of appalling.

As a nation we have struggled with equal rights for people with regards to race, religion, sex, and disabilities. It is arguable that we still struggle mightily on these issues. The vast majority of Americans firmly believe that these issues should be addressed and people should be treated with fairness, dignity and respect. I want to believe that the companies that would refuse a wounded warrior a job because it was out of their “comfort zone” to do so are few and far between. I want to believe that but when stories like this come across my desk I have to wonder.


Army veteran and wounded warrior JP Lane playing music on the Maui Warrior Appreciation Vacation.

It is not easy to deal with any issue outside your comfort zone and company decision makers have this to contend with just like the rest of us. However, part of moving our nation forward has been the desire of the vast majority of us to treat all people with equality, with fairness, with dignity and with respect. I would like to take this time to ask those decision makers within companies and organizations to really take a good hard look at their hiring practices and address this issue. A man or woman who has given their service to their nation and subsequently been wounded should NEVER be denied employment just because it is outside someone’s comfort zone.

support our troops hire themThere are a lot of moving parts when it comes to hiring and developing hiring and recruiting strategies for companies and organizations. Many companies find it difficult to navigate the landscape and find, attract and hire high quality military talent. Many more companies find it difficult to retain veteran talent. The wounded warrior component can seem a daunting task for a company to take on in their recruiting process as well as in their operational environment. Forward March Inc. has experience in helping companies and organizations navigate these waters and attain the high quality military talent they need to have a vibrant, energetic, and DIVERSE work environment. We have the ability to help your organization find the right talent with the right experience at the right time. If you are serious about hiring veterans, and if you are serious about hiring wounded warriors give us a call today. Even if you never use our services we encourage you to develop a veteran recruiting program that includes hiring wounded warriors.

The fine men and women of Forward March Inc. salute all employers who hire veterans, especially the ones who hire wounded warriors!

~ Article by Tobin Pilotte, Directer of Marketing and Technology. 


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