Forward March Inc. Offers Unique Services for Mission Success


Forward March Inc. (FMI) is an outstanding place to work. The energy and the teamworkin our offices are truly unique. We are a company of veterans committed to helping veterans. It is our desire to see our nation’s greatest treasure, our veterans, have the opportunity to work at a meaningful career instead of a j-o-b. We work with companies who have committed to hiring veterans and building a strong veteran culture within their companies and organizations.

military talent pipeline servicesOur customers come in all sizes. Our military talent pipeline services are scalable and customizable. We can provide our services for the “mom & pop” business or the international energy corporation. Our approach and our solutions are unique in the industry.

we never charge a veteran

Unlike others in the industry we NEVER charge a veteran for our services. NEVER! We have carefully crafted solutions that insure that our approach never charges a veteran, nor does it skim off his/her salary in any way.

we provideFMI has more than 35 years of collective experience connecting veterans and companies. Many of our previous articles have discussed the value of a veteran and how veterans can bring a variety of skills and training to the workplace. Veterans leaving the military today are the most technically savvy and highest educated veteran population our military has ever turned out. FMI can find high quality military talent for a wide variety of positions. Our dedication to our customers insures that you will get the right person for the right job at the right time. We can help your company or organization learn how to retain military talent ensuring your mission needs are always met.


Today’s growing medical facilities and national medical infrastructure demand high quality medical talent. FMI can bring you highly qualified medical personnel to fit your medical hiring needs.


FMI training can help your human resources department learn the skills needed to find, attract, hire and retain high quality military talent. We have a Military Hiring Guide that we can customize for your organization’s needs and get you on the road to hiring veterans very quickly.

Mil Hiring Guide Ring

Unlike others in the industry FMI offers a wide variety of services that can help your organization after you have begun the process of becoming a veteran-friendly employer. We can help you with retention and building a robust veteran culture within your organization enabling you get the most from your veteran hiring program.

leadership training

FMI can help you to have an energized, focused, and more productive staff. We do leadership training like no other company can. Our leadership training team draws from a rich military background of training leaders. We can help your organization to achieve mission success through our leadership training.

We look forward to connecting with you and helping your organization today!


If you want to get started hiring veterans Forward March Inc stands ready with a special offer. On November 17th we will be holding our Camouflage to Corporate Conference in San Antonio, Texas. This is an outstanding opportunity for companies and organizations to learn how to get started hiring high quality military talent. The information in this conference has helped many other companies to develop highly successful hiring strategies, military pipelines, and learn how to retain quality military talent. Click here to learn more…

Our Camouflage to Corporate Conference can get you on the fast track to developing a Veteran Talent Pipeline. November 17th, San Antonio, Texas.

Don’t forget about our FREE Veteran Employment Transition Networking Event. Learn more, click here…Veterans, Transitioning Military Personnel, and their families are encouraged to meet with employers at this free event.

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