The Forward March Inc. Weekly Roundup

red friday 12Its Friday again, so break out those red shirts! R.E.D. Friday is here so remember everyone deployed!

Learn more about RED Fridays:

weekly roundup 22

Here is the weekly roundup.

Its been a busy week for us here at Forward March Inc. with our Camouflage to Corporate conference and Veteran Employment Transition Networking Event, both of which were held here in San Antonio on Monday. Check out the blog here to read more about those events.

Next week our great nation will celebrate Thanksgiving. Here at the Forward March Inc. world headquarters we celebrated a little early with our first annual Thanksgiving get together.

Its like one big (very) happy family when we have an event, no matter where we are.


Forward March Inc. has a resident chef? Oh yeah! Richard Abrams is whipping up some culinary art for our Thanksgiving pot luck get together.

Its like one big (very) happy family when we have an event, no matter where we are.


If you are looking for a new job then check out these upcoming career fairs for Veterans and Transitioning Military during the month of December. has done a great job of lining up your hiring fairs, with a list this long there has got to be one near you! Check out the list here.

Recruit Military also has a nice list of veteran job fairs which you can find here… 

As always, if you hear of veteran hiring opportunities let us know and we will post them.

Have an OUTSTANDING weekend!

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