Set Your Veteran Hiring Goals High for Mission Success

Military Hiring for Mission Success

We post often on this blog the various attributes and skills that today’s veterans bring to the workplace. The value of our veterans to employers is immense, and employers who recognize this and harness their talents reap immeasurable rewards within their organizations. You can read some of what we have written about the value of veterans in the workplace here. Don’t take our word for it, check out what Syracuse University,, and Forbes all have to say.

Forward March Inc can help your company or organization learn how to find, attract, hire and retain high quality veteran talent. We can teach you how to form a strong veteran culture within your organization and we can teach you how to retain the veteran talent that you hire. Our proven methods and strategies can help your company or organization join the ranks of those companies who are celebrated as veteran or military friendly employers. Most importantly our proven strategies are customizable and scalable to your organization.

mil-monster-vet-jobs-header 35 Best Veteran Employers 


Military Times Best for Vets 2014 


Top 100 Military Friendly Employers from Military Friendly 

If you are a company that is looking to add veterans to your organization then you will want to reserve the date of November 17th. This is the date of the Camouflage to Corporate Conference and also the VET Networking Event, both hosted by Forward March Inc. Forward March Inc. is committed to continuing our 35+ year history of bringing veterans and companies together to make careers happen! Details can be found here. Make sure you check out or Corporate to Camouflage Conference where we teach businesses and organizations the art of finding, attracting, hiring and retaining veteran talent.

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