Growing Your Military Talent Pipeline


Camouflage to Corporate Conference Series
Growing Your Military Talent Pipeline

November 17th in San Antonio, Texas!

If you want a more productive, motivated and focused staff then get ready!  Forward March Inc. will be hosting our Camouflage to Corporate Conference in November!

We have spoken a lot on our news page recently about the benefits to companies who hire veteran talent. Make sure you check out some of our recent articles on this subject.

Also make sure to check out the outstanding document from Syracuse University on a Business Case to Hire a Veteran. 

IMG_1909Our Camouflage to Corporate conference, will give you the information and tools you need to succeed in hiring the very best military candidates.  Forward March Inc is uniquely qualified to bring you successful solutions based on the proven military leadership model and a systematic approach to organizational growth.  With over thirty five years of collective experience our professional team will help you to understand how to find, attract, hire, and retain high quality veteran talent.


This outstanding conference is consistently met with great success for those who attend as our team brings a unique and proven solution set to your organization with training that is unparalleled in the industry.

– Develop a military hiring strategy that wins

– Learn a tactical and practical approach to attract, hire, and retain the best

– Get results with military leadership in your workforce

– Learn from and network with military hiring experts and organizations, with over 40 years of military hiring experience

– Learn the latest techniques, tactics and procedures for building a winning team

– Learn to improve Workspace to Workplace – reception and integration

– Learn more about the Forward March Inc Customized Military Hiring Guide and solutions that can benefit your company or organization by making the process of finding, attracting, hiring and retaining veteran talent much easier

Military Hiring Guide Book Standingsm

Our mission at Forward March, Inc. is to educate and engage employers, educators, and organizations about the development of a successful military and veteran hiring and retention strategy. We can assist you in networking and partnerships with veteran-friendly agencies so you can develop operational strategies for 2014 and beyond.

Our unwavering commitment is always for our veterans. We are a company of veterans helping veterans. Our commitment likewise extends to:

– Supporting our transitioning military members

– Supporting our civilian partners

– Providing outstanding customer service

If your company is serious about hiring veterans and enjoying the benefits of a strong veteran talent pipeline then you owe it to yourself to sign up for this exciting Camouflage to Corporate conference TODAY.

Camouflage to Corporate conference – San Antonio
Growing your Military Talent Pipeline – 2014

Date: Monday – November 17th

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Learn more and register today here… Camouflage to Corporate conference. Space is limited!

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