How to Hire the Best of the Best!


Do you want a vibrant and more productive workforce?

Do you want higher caliber employees with skills, training, and leadership experience?

Are you looking for “the best of the best”?

Look no further than today’s military veterans.

Did you know that todays transitioning military men and women are of the highest caliber in US history with regards to their training, their leadership development, and their varied skill sets? Its true, and Forward March Inc (FMI) has been helping organizations find, attract, hire, and retain the perfect veterans for their employment needs. Today’s veterans bring a wealth of experience, talent, and energy to your company.

FMI can help train your organization how to find, attract, and retain high quality military talent or we can manage your military talent pipeline for you. We offer complete training that can get your organization staffing military talent very quickly. Our services are completely scalable to your organization’s needs.

If your company already has a veteran population that you would like to increase FMI stands ready to help you meet your hiring needs. We can also help your organization build a closer more vibrant veteran community. We have helped organizations realize real benefits to building vibrant veteran communities within their organizations.

Check out our website to learn more about what we can do for your organization today!

Don’t forget to check out our Camouflage to Corporate Conference, November 17th, in San Antonio. This is an outstanding opportunity for your company to get started with hiring high quality military talent! Space is limited so register today! Click here to learn more…

Also, check out our Military Hiring 101 Event. This event will give you an introduction to how to get started with hiring high quality military talent.

~ Article by Tobin Pilotte, Directer of Marketing and Technology for Forward March Inc. 

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