The whole team here at Forward March Inc wishes the United States Air Force a Happy Birthday. The U.S. Air Force was founded on this day in 1947. Since its founding the Air Force has continually demonstrated it’s air superiority on the global theater.

At Forward March Inc we tout that “We grow leaders, organizations and bottom line like no other!”.  It is the leadership that our company possesses that both distinguishes our services and our commitment from the competition. Today is an excellent day to highlight two of our company leadership team members, both of whom had distinguished careers in the U.S. Air Force.


Our CEO, Don Palen spent 23 years in the US Air Force, retiring in 1995 as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Medical Service Corps (Health Care Administration).


Our COO Randy Borg served in the US Air Force for 26 years as a Healthcare Administrator, retiring at the rank of colonel in 2008.


Our nation has benefited mightily from the contributions of the U.S. Air Force over the last 67 years and Forward March Inc has benefited in countless ways from the leadership of these two Air Force veterans. Thank you both for your service!