Veterans Employment Law Legal Clinic – April 13th in Dallas, Texas

For those of you in the DFW metroplex area, or who want to travel in for this there is a Veterans Employment Law Legal Clinic being held April 13th. See the details below. Veterans Employment Legal Clinic Flyer April 2015

Start Your Own Veteran Owned Business!

riskYesterday the Houston Chronicle posted an article on Veteran Business Owners. You can read the article here… The slideshow at the top of the article highlights a diverse and successful group of military veterans who have gone into business for themselves.

According to the Small Business Association Office of Advocacy veterans make up approximately 9.1% of business owners. Veterans have a long standing history of leaving or retiring from military service and venturing out as small business owners and entrepreneurs.


You can learn more in our previous article “Start Your Own Veteran Owned Business” here…

If you are a veteran who has some training, or who wants to start a new career field, you should take a few moments to check out the Goodwill Career Academy. From CDL truck driver training to information technology Goodwill Career Academy offers a lot of opportunity for veterans. The training offered here is fast tracked, has convenient hours and can utilize your military educational benefits to offset the cost which is lower than most trade schools or local colleges.

Check out some of these great opportunities. While they are in the San Antonio area they can give you the details you need to go and look for something in your area that is similar. Programs such as these exist in many cities across the U.S.





Seminar hours: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

For information on how to apply for this opportunity call 210/924-8581 (ext. 5907).

Veterans who wish to go down the road of entrepreneurship have a lot of opportunities today to learn, get mentored and find proven methods of business success. If you are interested in joining the ranks of veterans who own their own business then you will definitely be interested in some of the outstanding opportunities available to you right now. Many of these opportunities are free for veterans! While many of these opportunities are in the San Antonio area we encourage veterans to look into their local Chamber, SBA, and university locations to find out if programs like this are being offered in their location.

We posted a while back that the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce is “re-booting” their entrepreneurial boot-camp for military veterans. You can learn more about that here.

Veterans who want to join the SBA and start down the track of entrepreneurship shouldcheck out the latest article on the San Antonio Business Journal site. The SBA is extending their fee waiver program for veterans through 2015!


Veterans and transitioning military interested in starting their own business should also check out the San Antonio Small Business Development Center at UTSA. This program offers a number of benefits including special veterans assistance.


Forward March Inc. has an outstanding relationship with our customer Fred Astarie Dance Studios. You owe it to yourself to check out our previous post to learn more about the outstanding opportunities for employment and even franchise ownership with them.

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For veterans who want to learn a new skill, or expand on a skill-set should check out the fine folks over at Workforce Solutions Alamo and Alamo Colleges are collaborating to offer short-term skills development programs in the areas of Information Technology, the Manufacturing Industry and Aerospace. Learn more here.