HEB and Forward March Inc.


The San Antonio Arsenal built in 1859 furnished arms and munitions to frontier forts across Texas and was occupied by the confederates during the Civil War. Throughout World War II, the arsenal shipped more than 337 million pounds of munitions overseas to keep our men and women fighting. Although it was officially closed in 1949, the building remains steeped in military and Texas history. Oh, if those walls could talk!

Although munitions are no longer shipped from the site, it has long been home to another command, control, and logistical operation; it serves as the corporate headquarters for HEB. One of the largest independent food retailers in the nation, HEB provided us the opportunity to train their corporate recruiters on hiring and retaining top military talent. It was a great honor and privilege to train with an outstanding organization on such an historic venue.


While HEB has always been committed to our Nation’s military both in hiring practices and community outreach, we gave them the tools and training to make their veteran hiring program even better. In our Phase I customized program, we trained their highly motivated corporate staff on in the following areas:

  • Department of Defense Overview
  • Business Case for Hiring Veterans
  • Common Misconceptions about Veterans in the Workplace
  • Understanding Military Lingo
  • Overview of the DD214
  • Veteran Training Resources
  • Veteran Hiring Laws, Rules, and Regulations
  • Veteran Hiring Strategies
  • Interviewing Military
  • Supporting the Nation Guard and Reserve


A commitment to hiring veterans is great; learning how to do it effectively is excellence in action! We are helping HEB take it to the next level. What can we do for your organization?

Welcome to the New Forward March, Inc. Website

At Forward March, Inc. (FMI) there is never a dull moment. We like to say that we are moving, shooting, and communicating at a high rate of speed.  FMI is growing fast and expanding both in our numbers of customers as well as in the number of transitioning and veteran men and women that we are finding amazing careers for. We are a company of veterans deeply committed to helping veterans in a multitude of ways. We are providing outstanding career opportunities for transitioning military men and women as well as veterans with our customers such as Tesoro, STARUS Medical Group, and Iron Horse Ranch.


At FMI we can barely contain our excitement about all the new career opportunities we are providing to transitioning military men and women and veterans. Check out our Jobs page at http://www.forwardmarchinc.com/jobs.html to find out the latest companies working with FMI to grow their military talent pipeline.

Mil Hiring Guide Ring

This month we are proud to roll out our new company website as well as our brand new Military Hiring Guide which helps companies learn about military talent acquisition and transition to build a better veteran talent pipeline.


FMI is also very excited to announce our San Antonio Camouflage to Corporate Conference set for Monday, November 17th, 2014. Space for this conference is limited so we encourage you to register today! The FMI Camouflage to Corporate Conference will help your company or organization learn valuable information on how to better find, attract, hire, and retain transitioning military and veteran talent. This is an amazing conference that can help your organization start building a robust military talent pipeline!

There are always new things happening at FMI and we encourage you to subscribe to our news feed and to bookmark our website www.forwardmarchinc.com so that you can keep up with all the great services and opportunities we post.

~ Article by Tobin Pilotte, Directer of Marketing and Technology for Forward March Inc.