Military Hiring 101 Workshops and Our Custom Military Hiring Guide

Forward March Inc. (FMI) works with companies and organizations in a variety of different ways to help with military talent acquisition. FMI has two services which businesses can use to help with finding, attracting, hiring and retaining top quality military talent. Even if your company or organization has no previous experience working with veteran talent FMI can have you up and running to meet your mission needs very quickly.

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One way companies can get a military talent pipeline started is to attend one of our Military Hiring 101 Workshops.

Military Hiring 101 Workshops


Our Military Hiring 101 Event will give you the information and tools you need to succeed in hiring the very best military candidates. Our highly successful solutions are based on the proven military leadership models and a systematic approach to organizational growth.

• Introduction
• Attracting Military
• Hiring Military
• Retaining Military
• Practical Exercise
• Closing Remarks

35 years experience

We now offer the opportunity to come and conduct our Military Hiring 101 events at your company! 

Another way that FMI can help you with your Military Talent Acquisition & Transition goals is with our Military Talent Hiring Guide which we can customize to fit your solution for your company or organization. This Hiring Guide can help you through each step of your hiring process to find the right veteran talent for your mission.

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Bringing the Value of a Veteran to Your Workforce

Today’s businesses recognize the value of having veteran employees in their workforce. Finding, attracting, hiring, and retaining veterans is a skill that companies looking for the highest caliber employees simply must have. FMI has created a Military Talent Hiring Guide that teaches companies the basics of just how to do this. Contact FMI today to get your copy of our Military Talent Hiring Guide.

• Learn how to find and attract military talent to your business
• Discover the methods and benefits to hiring veterans
• Learn how to approach all branches of military service
• Learn how to translate rank, pay-scale, and military job skills

Contact us today for information on how to schedule an event at your company or to learn more about our Military Talent Hiring Guide. 1-888-723-6223

Only Two Weeks Left Till the Camouflage to Corporate Conference

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The Camouflage to Corporate Conference is two weeks away and space is quickly filling up. We still have some space so if your company wants  a more productive, motivated and focused staff we have a solution for you. If you want to hire highly motivated employees to increase your mission success look no further than today’s veteran. Veterans today are highly educated, as well as trained and certified in a wide variety of skills and industries. From trucking and engineering to information technology, cyber security and healthcare, today’s veterans are looking for careers with veteran-friendly companies. If your company is looking to hire veterans but does not know where to begin, or if you are looking to take your veteran hiring to the next level, then you need to sign up for the Camouflage to Corporate Conference TODAY.

Many companies have benefited from our previous Camouflage to Corporate Conference held in Houston, Texas earlier this year. Forward March Inc. has been working with companies to achieve great things with military talent and with high quality training.

  • Military talent pipeline services
  • Training for HR organizations to learn how to effectively attract, hire and retain veterans
  • In-house program training to build strong veteran communities within their companies and organizations
  • Attracting veterans who come with crucial certifications such as truck drivers and healthcare workers
  • Screening veterans who have experience, certifications and education in healthcare to include clinical positions such as physicians, nurses and physician assistants
  • Finding, attracting, hiring and retaining veterans matched to energy, oil and gas and renewable energy jobs
  • Sales and marketing training for sales corporate sales teams

Get started on your veteran hiring strategy and start hiring high quality veteran talent right away. Sign up Today for the Camouflage to Corporate Conference  On November 17th. This conference will be held in San Antonio, Texas and is an outstanding opportunity for companies and organizations to learn how to get started hiring high quality military talent. Click here to learn more…

Veterans, Transitioning Military Personnel, and their families are encouraged to meet with employers at this free event.

Don’t forget, that if you are a veteran or transitioning military and you are looking for employment or a career change make sure you check out our FREE Veteran Employment Transition Networking Event on November 17th. Details can be found here. 

If you represent a company, organization, or educational institution this VET Networking Event is free for you as well.  Forward March Inc. is committed to continuing our 35+ year history of bringing veterans and companies together to make careers happen! Details can be found here. Make sure you check out or Corporate to Camouflage Conference where we teach businesses and organizations the art of finding, attracting, hiring and retaining veteran talent.

Our Camouflage to Corporate Conference can get you on the fast track to developing a Veteran Talent Pipeline. November 17th, San Antonio, Texas.